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US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle Jewelry Grade Random Date

US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle Jewelry Grade Random Date
US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle Jewelry Grade Random Date

US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle Jewelry Grade Random Date

Serving Collectors and Investors for Over 50 Years. Saint-Gauden introduced a new high standard of art in United States coins evidenced by his eagle and double eagle types of 1907. They were minted from 1907 - 1933 and survived the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 which outlawed private ownership of gold in the United States. Coin Design Obverse: Shows the head of Liberty crowned with an Indian war bonnet Reverse: Majestic Eagle Coin Artist Obverse and Reverse: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848 - 1907) Jewelry Grade Condition The coins being offered in this listing may be cleaned, scratched, polished, nicked, discolored, brushed, abraded, and/or heavily worn.

However, they are of full weight, display a complete date, and all major design elements are intact. Coins in this condition represent an excellent way to own vintage American gold coins at the low premium of a bullion coin. They are extremely popular as the most cost-effective way to own historic U. Gold at the absolute lowest premium over melt. When purchasing "Random Dates" you can expect to receive dates and types of our choice, depending upon current stock on hand. This listing uses "Reference Images" The "Reference Images" used in this listing Description were created by Liberty Coin for reference only to depict the quality of the item you will receive.

You will NOT receive the exact item that was photographed to create the Reference Images. However, the actual item you will receive is guaranteed to be similar to that shown and exactly as described. Amidst periodic gaps in production, the coins would be struck across three different mint facilities from 1907 until the recall of federal gold in 1933.

Mintages cover a wide range, but the scarcer issues of the series were created primarily due to the impact of melting, which led to low survival rates. Rarities also include the initial pattern and earliest design iteration created prior to the start of full-scale production. The new design for the series as well as the broad redesign of all circulating coinage of the era can be traced back to the efforts of President Theodore Roosevelt. He had grown displeased with the current designs and sought to make American coins as grand and beautiful as those of ancient Greece.

To accomplish his goal, Roosevelt commissioned Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign all eligible circulating coinage. Ultimately, Saint-Gaudens would only be able to create new designs for the eagle and double eagle before his death. However, the redesign process would continue through other artists, leading to the so-called Renaissance era of United States coinage.

Coin Design Saint-Gaudens's design for the eagle features a portrait of Liberty, facing left. She wears an Indian war bonnet with the word LIBERTY inscribed on the band. There are thirteen stars above and the date appears below.

The reverse of the coin features a bald eagle perched on bundle of arrows with an olive branch intertwined. The inscriptions include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM to the right, and the denomination TEN DOLLARS below. The edge of the coin includes 46 raised stars to represent number of states in the Union. The design underwent a number of early changes as the United States Mint attempted to balance the relief and artistry sought by Saint-Gaudens with the technical requirements of mass production.

The initial patterns were struck in higher relief and featured a wire rim. Due to stacking issues, this was modified to a rounded rim or rolled edge, and finally a standard rim and lowered relief. In 1908, the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST was added on the reverse of the coin to the left of the eagle. In 1912, the number of raised stars on the edge of the coin was increased to 48 following the admission of Arizona and New Mexico to the Union. The Date your Order is placed is considered Day Zero (0).

If you need to change the Address you need to cancel your order and place a new order using the correct address. We reserve the right to make Carrier and Service Level selection based upon operating conditions and order size, weight, destination and value. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific Carriers. We are not responsible for Carrier Delays due to operating issues such as bad weather, mechanical failures, or other service level disruptions. If your package has been Confirmed as Delivered by the Carrier, but you do not believe you received the package, please contact the Carrier directly.

Bullion coins, bars and rounds are mass-produced and are not manufactured to the same quality standards as Collector Coins. Listed prices for bullion products are firm and not negotiable. Prices will change with movements in the spot price of the underlying metal while precious metals markets are open. When purchasing "Random Brand" items you can expect to receive Brands and Design of our choice, based on inventory on hand when your order is fulfilled. Our inventory is located in a secure location with limited access.

We cannot accommodate requests to search for specific Brands. When purchasing "Random Date" coins, you can expect to receive Dates and Mintmarks of our choice, depending upon current stock on hand. We cannot accommodate requests to search for specific Dates. Pre-Owned Vintage US Mint Products.

Except for current year products, nearly all of our US Mint products have been previously owned. Unless otherwise disclosed, all of our US Mint products come with their complete original packaging.

We inspect all pre-owned US Mint products prior to offering them for sale. We only sell sets that have passed our inspection; the coins are typically free of excessive hazing, spotting, or distracting toning. While these items are typically in very good condition for their age, these vintage products are not new. We typically have multiple quantities available of many of our most popular products.

As a result we often use "Reference Images" to represent the actual product. When a "Reference Image" is used to merchandise a product, that use will be disclosed in the Listing as follows: "The "Reference Images used in this listing Description were created by Liberty Coin for reference only to depict the quality of the item you will receive.

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US Gold $10 Indian Head Eagle Jewelry Grade Random Date