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1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin BU Random Year $50 US Gold. 9999 Fine

1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin BU Random Year $50 US Gold. 9999 Fine
1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin BU Random Year $50 US Gold. 9999 Fine

1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin BU Random Year $50 US Gold. 9999 Fine
Each coin is guaranteed to have 1 troy ounce of. Single coins will be packaged in plastic. Quantities of 20 coins will be packaged in a mint tube. The design on this round is modeled after the Buffalo Nickel coin released by the US Mint in 1913. Obverse: Features a profile of a Native American. Reverse: Features a design of an American buffalo, based on the buffalo from the Central Park Zoo named Black Diamond. The date on the coin will vary, depending on stock availability.

The 1 oz Gold Buffalo coin, struck in. 9999 fine gold, is a top choice for coin collectors and investors. The US gold coin is revered for its homage to America's rich coin heritage and 24k gold purity. History of the 1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin The United States Mint.

First released the 1 ounce Gold Buffalo coin in 2006, paying tribute to the classic Buffalo Nickel design. This introduction of the Gold Buffalo. Coin heralded a paradigm shift toward heightened gold purity and enhanced investment potential in U. Bullion offerings, all while captivating collectors with its historical and aesthetic allure.

1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin Design The obverse of the coin features a portrait of a Native American. The reverse design depicts an American bison, a symbol of strength and resilience.

The coin's design has remained steadfast throughout its journey, bolstering its recognition and enduring desirability. With its meticulous attention to detail, the 1 oz Gold Buffalo coin is a timeless masterpiece for those investing in physical gold. Over time, the Gold Buffalo coin has solidified its presence as a cornerstone in countless portfolios focused on precious metals, cherished not solely for its intrinsic gold value, but also as a piece of art profoundly rooted in the tapestry of American legacy.

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1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin BU Random Year $50 US Gold. 9999 Fine